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The ArtiSons

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist.” – Pablo Picasso

We believe that boundaries are necessary for regulation, but sometimes boundaries in wine can cause narrow-mindedness. 
Think of it this way: many many thousands of moons ago – the best wines of the past were made by normal craftsmen going out into the forest and picking wild berries - grapes - and vinifying some of the most precious art the world has ever seen or drunk.

They say that you don’t choose wine, wine chooses you. Kobie van der Westhuizen and Tertius Boshoff certainly tried their best to resist the pull of the vineyards, studying accounting and dentistry, respectively. However, spreadsheets and sickle probes were soon exchanged for secateurs and barrels at family-run Stellenrust.

ArtiSons began as a creative playground for the family. Almost a decade after joining Stellenrust, it allowed them to create small, experimental batches from amazing sites and old vineyards as naturally and true to nature as possible. No place for narrow mindedness, ArtiSons is about creating wines without boundaries.

Download our PDF presentation here

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