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After Eight Mint Shiraz

The grapes are harvested from a 22 year old trellised Bottelary vineyard planted next to a row of Eucalyptus trees – see google maps picture for explanation. Phenolic profiling was done throughout the vineyard and 0.2ha isolated where pepper, violets, blue berry and mint flavours are at a peak level.

Artisons After Eight Shiraz NV 20230220_0018.png

Grapes are picked between 24 and 26 Balling only from the 0.2ha isolated site, 26% is whole bunch fermented. The wine is then drained from the skins through a gravity drip system to the bottom of the cellar where the barrel room is. Soft basket pressing is done and 8% fresh stalks reintroduced in the pressing cycle to balance tannin and colour. It finishes malolactic fermentation in barrel and ages for 18 months in 50% new French oak and 50% older oak.

It is clear from the nose where the wine got its name. The concentration of violets, black pepper, blue berry and mint from that small spot of the vineyard oozes out of the bottle. A true reflection of site with fresh acidity supporting lush fruit and mint chocolate spice.

This After Eight Shiraz is to be enjoyed preferably after 8 (am or pm – you choose) with anything from mint chocolate to rack of lamb or a thick cut steak.


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